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Dardasha is an integrated-skills introduction to Egyptian Arabic, designed for both learners with previous experience with Arabic as well as those who are complete beginners. The purpose of this textbook is for learners to develop their linguistic and communicative skills in Egyptian Arabic, such that the final outcome is a balanced functional knowledge of linguistic structures and a sound vocabulary, along with the ability to use them appropriately in real life situations. The writer of this book, Mustapha Mughazy made use of the receptive and productive skills (reading, writing, listening, and speaking) in language learning to write this book.

dardashaDardasha Egyptian Arabic Companion Audio CDROM This was developed to supplement the Dardasha Egyptian Arabic Textbook for enhancing the learner's grasp of the Egyptian Arabic Language. It is a recording of the monologues and the dialogues presented in the textbook by native speakers of Egyptian Arabic. Self-learners will find this CDROM particularly helpful to practice the pronunciation of words as they are presented by a teacher.


Softcover with Audio CD $60. Without Audio CD $40. Ordering information is found HERE.