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Let's Speak Amharic presents the fundamentals of Amharic to two and four year college and university students in an integrated curriculum. The text features a balanced eclectic approach to language learning. As the title indicates, the text invites students from the very beginning to communicate meaningfully in Amharic and at the same time, to understand better the daily life and attitudes of Amharic-speaking people. Students, who complete this book will master the basic vocabulary, functions, and structures of the Amharic language, will achieve an appreciation of the culture of the Amharic-speaking world, and become familiar with traditional and contemporary Ethiopian life.




Let's Speak Amharic Companion Audio CDROM


Let's Speak Amharic Companion Audio CDROM was developed to supplement the Let's Speak Amharic Textbook for enhancing the learner's grasp of the Amharic Language. It is a recording of the monologues and the dialogues presented in the textbook by native speakers of Amharic. Self-learners will find this CDROM particularly helpful to practice the pronunciation of words as they would have been presented by a teacher.


Softcover with Audio CD $50. Without Audio CD $35. Ordering information is found HERE