National African Language Resource Center

Program Development & Evaluation

The NALRC engages in activities designed to encourage the creation of new African language study programs and to strengthen existing ones.


African Language Program Evaluation Guidelines: A project to develop guidelines for evaluating African language programs which are consistent with both national guidelines for program assessment and the goals of African language program coordinators in the United States.

Program Evaluation and Mentoring: Programs of support and consultation for African language program administrators.

The NALRC recently published the first in the series of guidelines for African language program development and evaluation manuscripts. This first volume entitled "African Languages in U.S. Colleges and Universities: Program Development and Administration" was written by Eyamba Bokamba, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. This manuscript gives a historical background of the development of Programs in African Languages (PAL) in the U.S. It also talks about the different models of PALs, the roles of PAL administrators and how to sustain a viable PAL. This manuscript will serve as a good reference document for anyone interested in starting or maintaining a viable African language program.