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ULIMI - The Official Annual Bulletin of NALRC

The Center's mission is to serve the entire community of African language educators and learners in the United States by sponsoring a wide range of educational and professional activities designed to improve the accessibility and quality of African language instruction in the United States. The Center encourages a variety of pedagogical approaches to accommodate learner diversity, and advocates the integration of language and culture learning and the acquisition of fluency in these areas. It facilitates dialogue among teachers, learners, and administrators from a wide variety cultural and institutional perspectives, and promotes the profession of African language teaching.

It is a great pleasure to offer you the volumes of our annual newsletter, ULIMI. In this bulletin, we will be summarizing all of our accomplishments in any of the year publish. Great works stem from great minds. Your suggestions and contributions to how we can serve the academic community better are highly welcome.

ULIMI Fall 2017 Vol. 18 Downloadable Version

ULIMI Fall 2016 Vol. 17 Downloadable Version

ULIMI Fall 2015 Vol. 16 Downloadable Version

ULIMI Fall 2014 Vol. 15 Downloadable Version

ULIMI Fall 2013 Vol. 14 Downloadable Version
ULIMI Fall 2012 Vol. 13 Downloadable Version

ULIMI Fall 2011 Vol. 12 Online and the Downloadable Version

ULIMI Fall 2010 Vol. 11 Online and the Downloadable Version

ULIMI Fall 2009 Vol. 10 Online and the Downloadable Version

ULIMI 2008 (1.5 MB pdf file)

ULIMI 2007 (1.5 MB pdf file)

ULIMI 2006 (1.5 MB pdf file)

ULIMI 2005 (1.5 MB pdf file)

ULIMI 2004 (3 MB pdf file)

ULIMI 2003 (13 MB pdf file)

ULIMI 2002 (5 MB pdf file)

ULIMI 2001 (12 MB pdf flie)

ULIMI 2000