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Tuseme Kiswahili is one of the Let's Speak Series NALRC presents. It is designed to present the fundamentals of Swahili to two and four-year college as well as university students. This book is a product of F.E.M.K. Senkoro's 30 years of experience in teaching Swahili to foreigners in Africa, Europe, and the United States. Based on his experience, he developed this book, which offers the learners a multidimensional approach that shifts back and forth between cultural information and linguistic elements.

tswahiliTuseme Kiswahili Companion Audio CDROM was developed to supplement the Tuseme Kiswahili Textbook for enhancing the learner's grasp of the Swahili Language. It is a recording of the monologues and the dialogues presented in the textbook by native speakers of Swahili. Self-learners will find this CDROM particularly helpful to practice the pronunciation of words as they are presented by a teacher.


Softcover edition $60, Softcover edition with Audio CD $80, Hard cover edition $70, and Hardcover edition  with audio CD $90. Ordering information can be found HERE